Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For my Bachelor friends

Ok, this is for my friends that spend their family home evenings watching the Bachelor. You know who you are. For those of you that don't know, no I don't watch every week. Just like to make these for my friends that do.


chelsea said...

I actually watched this last week. I was squirming and embarrassed for those girls. They gave him gifts, wrote poems for him, admitted to stalking him, and literally tugged at him to have their turn with him. One girl said she left her job so she could be on the show. Yikes!

My favorite was when the producers had all the girls write down the name of the girl they wanted to be kicked off first and of course they gave her the rose and had her stay. They have to keep the drama queens on for good ratings.

LA said...

Really,although we know that you do watch each week, Wiphy, there is no need to for awhile, as I'll tell you who the final 5 are right now. I predict:

1. Melissa rules. Love her.

2. Jillian isn't bad--a little funky, but I like how frank (badumbum) she is. You should dig her too Wipf, as you share a profession.

3. He also has a thing for Molly--the one whose special talents include being a good kisser. Thought that was a weird angle. I'm all about under promising and over delivering. Apparently we attended different schools. He liked it though, as he promptly gave her a rose shortly after the smooch.

4. And then there's Lauren--although she does need a bit more attention and reassurance than he's used to, he digs her.

5. Stephanie is pulling at his heart strings a bit--especially with her daughter and next week's reunion, but in the end, I think she's too high maintenance for him--and really would she leave her overly foofy plush pad in Bama and move to Seattle? Me thinks not so much.

For the record...Kari could be a dark horse...watch out for her.

The rest of the bitties
(Erica--bad drunk fighter chick; Megan-- feisty, mouthy one that drunk fights with Erica;
Naomi-- irritating and unmemorable;
Natalie--a bit too into the $1mil jewels for my taste, plus he's not into blonds;
Nikki--stretch-mark-cleavage girl that talks about how ready she is and how not-ready everyone else is to be a mommy;and
Shannon--dental hygenist freakshow stalker) all need to go asap.

Arbuckle out.