Saturday, July 25, 2009

I heart sanding!

A few weeks ago I put most all my house projects on hold until I get a day job. (let me know if know of any.) This became a good excuse for my continued procrastination of sanding the walls and ceilings. All of it too. It's part of a little project I like to call, "The Smoothing". The walls and ceilings were textured and I wanted to smooth them out. So after applying a few coats of joint compound it's been time to sand for a little while. I rented a power sander from Homedepot last night, man was that nice. It went really fast and cut down on the dust a lot. It doesn't really do corners so well so that's what I'm doing in the photo. Look how happy I look, maybe I should start my own fan page for sanding on facebook.

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Hey, It's Ansley said...

I always knew you were smooth!